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Thrilling Adventure Experiences in Kenya


Thrilling Adventures

For those who love extreme outdoor activities, we offer some of the most thrilling adventure experiences. Sometimes adventure may require special skills and physical exertion, with activities involving exploration and working on adrenaline rush.  At Nomadic Holidays and Safaris, we organize adventure activities, designed to create exciting activities that are safe and environmentally sustainable.

Hiking and Walking safaris

Walking safaris are a unique way of exploring nature and discovering wildlife. This allows you to get closest to wildlife as possible. The unique thing about the walking safaris is that you stop to learn about small things like insects, plants, identifying animal spore and listening to bird calls. Although not common in the main Kenyan parks and reserves, it is offered in conservancies and game ranches. For serious nature walks we always have our guests escorted by armed guides.

Mountain biking

Nomadic Holidays and Safaris organizes mountain biking safaris that will take  you to various destinations in Kenya as you marvel at the magnificent landscape and attractions by bike.

Mountain biking in Hell’s Gate National Park is a great way to explore allowing you to ride past herds of grazing wildlife.

Horse Riding

Those who love horse riding will admit it is an exciting activity especially when riding past wild animals and enjoying the amazing landscape

Rock climbing

This activity involves a combination of physical strength, mental focus and fun. Since it involves climbing in rugged rocky areas, it is the ultimate challenge for those who love adventure. Climbing routes are normally planned out for you because they are loosely defined by where the loops are placed into the rock. You can try your strength at Hell’s Gate National Park or challenge yourself at the Roaring Rocks in Tsavo West National Park.

Zip lining

This adventure outdoor activity, is popular especially for those interested in adventurous getaways not far from the Nairobi city. The clean, fresh air presented by nature when zip lining is a significant advantage for zip lining and therapeutic to your body. The wind helps cleanse toxins from your respiratory system allowing your body to function more efficiently. Zip lining is also an excellent way of reducing stress and can help burn calories.

To really get your feel of high flying adventure there are plenty of zip lining locations in Kenya which include: Kereita Forest, Rapid Camps Sagana, over the Tana river by Savage wilderness and many others.

White water rafting

Get the ultimate adrenaline rush by exploring the white waters of the Tana river. White water rafting is a perfect exhilarating adventure activity that involves rafting in rough waters. This can be a one-day excursion or several days’ safari. One gets the opportunity to enjoy the scenery, viewing the birdlife and admiring a variety of wildlife. You can also combine this activity with wildlife safari.

Bungee Jumping

It involves falling from an elastic rope. The thrill comes by bouncing up and down when the elastic rope is stretched. This activity is offered at the Rapid Camp, Sagana.

Hot air balloon

The thrilling experience of looking down the savannah plains as the animals start their day is truly fulfilling. This great unique activity can be experienced in the famous Masai Mara national reserve.

Sky diving

This exhilarating activity involves free fall from a plane while physically attached to your instructor, who manages your descent and parachute. This thrilling experience leaves you with an unforgettable experience. Diani beach is a perfect spot for this unique adventure.

Scuba diving and Snorkeling

scuba diving

Scuba diving involves underwater diving where divers is strapped with a tank with compressed air. Divers move under water with fins attached to their feet. The Kenyan coast offers almost endless spots that will give you some of the most memorable diving experiences of your life, but knowing the best sites takes your experience to a new level. Diani, Wasini and Watamu are ideal spots for scuba diving.

Snorkeling is another exciting activity at the warm coast of East Africa.Good conditions in the sea allows all visitors to have access to the spectacular undersea life. It involves swimming while equipped with a mask.